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Best Shower Caddies


Unless you’re the ultimate minimalist, you probably could use some help decluttering the bottles, sponges and washcloths on the side of your tub or shower floor. A good shower caddy can keep items organized and transform your shower from a potential hazard zone to a functional space. Check out our top picks for functional, stylish shower caddies.  

This shower caddy installs with adhesive and is made from rustproof stainless steel. You’ll like that the shelves and soap dish come with built-in hooks for added storage.  

You’ll like that this rustproof, stainless steel shower caddy doesn’t require any drilling to install it. It comes with adhesive, making it a quick process and easy to place wherever you want.  

We like that this shower caddy features deep shelves that allow room for double-row storage on each level. It uses adhesive installation.  

You won’t bump into these shower caddies thanks to their out-of-the-way positioning and design. And you can easily adjust the height, thanks to its adhesive-based installation.  

You’ll like that this shower caddy fits over your shower head with a powerful suction grip for added security. Simply shift the shelves from right to left to fit your needs.  


What is a shower caddy?

A shower caddy is a tote or shelf that is placed in your shower to hold all toiletries needed during your shower or bath. They often have specific holders for things such as shampoo, soap or washcloths. Having one of these handy tools can help keep your bathtub organized and personalized. 

Where does a shower caddy go?

The location of the shower caddy depends on the type that you purchase. You can either hang it over the shower door or from the shower head. There are other shower caddies that can be mounted on the wall with suction cups or stand in the corner of the tub deck or shower floor. In all, a shower caddy is meant to stay inside the shower. 

Can a shower caddy be too heavy?

The weight limit on shower caddies varies from product to product. Some may be able to hold up to three pounds while others can hold up to 15 pounds. Hanging a heavy shower caddy over your shower head can result in damage to the shower head. When choosing your shower caddy, make sure you check the style of the caddy and the weight limit. These are both important factors when looking to buy a shower caddy. 

How often should I clean my shower caddy?

Make sure you are cleaning your shower caddy inside and out to help prevent any dirt and debris from building up. Cleaning the shower caddy regularly will also prevent the build-up of soap residue. It’s a good idea to clean your shower caddy whenever you clean your shower or bathtub. 

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