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Best Saddlebag


While saddlebags were originally created to give horseback riders a place to keep essentials, this accessory has evolved over time alongside transportation methods. Today’s saddlebags are designed for everything from motorcycles to bicycles. Check out our top picks for the best saddlebags.  


Top Pick

This faux leather saddlebag features reflective piping for added safety when you ride at night. It features two outer-velcro lock pockets and a double strap with a quick-release button for easy access to your possessions. 

Most Economical

You’ll like that this saddlebag also comes with reflectors so that you can ride safely with it at night. With a 90 to 120 cubic inch capacity, there’s plenty of space for core essentials.  

 Available in three colors, this saddlebag is easy to install and features a reflective strip for night visibility. Its interior mesh pockets and sturdy zipper keeps all of your items secure.  

Best For Harleys

We like that this saddlebag is designed for durability with its heavy-duty zippers, carrying straps and handles. The waterproof pick features a bright orange interior with reinforced edges to prevent sagging.  

Most Stylish

We like that you can open this saddlebag either using its pin buckle or the quick-release buckle. It’s easy to install and water-resistant in light rain with a hard-sided finish to help it retain its shape. 


1. Are motorcycle saddlebags waterproof?

While you can find waterproof motorcycle saddlebags, this isn’t a standard feature. Typically, saddlebags are made from soft-yet-durable materials such as genuine leather or faux leather, like PVC. This means that you do get some protection from the elements, but in sustained wet weather, moisture will eventually breach the exterior. As a workaround, consider investing in waterproof liners or rain covers. These items can help keep your belongings dry and extend your saddlebag’s longevity.  

2. Do saddlebags fit any motorcycle or bicycle?

No, this isn’t always the case. Often, you’ll find that a saddlebag is specific to a size or even a certain model. However, there is a style of saddlebag that does tend to offer a universal fit — the throw-over models. These saddlebags are designed to be placed over the back of your ride and are often somewhat adjustable. This ensures that you have a secure fit and that your saddlebags won’t shift or slide while you’re riding. Throw-over saddlebags are usually designed to work with cruiser-style motorcycles.  

3. Can you put saddlebags on a sportbike?

Saddlebags are the type of product that can be used with any type of bike, including traditional bicycles, e-bikes, sportbike, cruisers and larger motorcycles. As opposed to other types of bike bags, a good saddlebag won’t get in the way while you ride and still offers plenty of space for you to store essentials or purchases. Best of all, they’re adjustable — ensuring that you can achieve a good fit. And when you don’t want to ride with extra storage on board, you can easily remove your saddlebag.  

4. What can I keep in my saddlebags?

You can keep anything you want in your saddlebags — after all, it’s your ride. But as a general guide, it’s a good idea to keep only your essentials while riding, especially if you’re traveling long distances. Those essentials can include emergency gear that you might need for repairs, such as a tool kit, a tire repair kit, jumper cables and an air compressor. Also, a flashlight or glow sticks can come in handy if you find yourself on the side of the road after dark. And consider keeping rain gear as well.  

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