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Best RGB Keyboards

If you’re a gamer, a good keyboard can give you an advantage over your opponent. RGB keyboards (RGB is short for red, green, blue, which are the base colors used in these keyboards) should be a top choice since they feature ergonomically curved keycaps and provide fast-response typing capabilities. These keyboards are built to withstand heavy use. We’ve listed some of the most practical options here.

This gaming keyboard also comes with a matching RGB mouse that has seven different light options, six control keys, and four level DPI adjustments. The mouse also features advanced sensitivity to provide precision during gameplay.

This mechanical gaming keyboard has a compact, lightweight design for more space on your desktop. It has an ergonomic design and is comfortable to type on for many hours. This keyboard has a removable L-shaped USB-C cable.

With two nonslip foldable stands and eight multimedia keys this keyboard is great for undisturbed gaming. It features simultaneous use of up to 25 keys for anti-ghosting and has a win-lock function. It’s also water-resistant, dustproof and has an input speed four times faster than regular keyboards.

This keyboard has a comfortable build to facilitate long hours of work or gameplay. It features a window key lock mode and is dust and water-resistant. The keyboard’s silent, fast-response keys and customizable light and static controls makes it great for both professional and personal use.

This LED keyboard has a metal alloy construction and ABS plate-mounted keys. In addition to providing a convenient, ergonomic design it offers multiple brightness modes and provides clear backlighting. Please note that this keyboard has limited Mac OS functionality, but works well with most Windows operating systems.