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Best Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Eco friendly mesh bag with organic green vegetables on yellow paper background. Flat lay, top view. Zero waste, plastic free concept. Healthy clean eating diet and detox

If you’re environmentally conscious, you likely take steps to do your part for the planet, which may include using reusable containers rather than disposable ones. You can reduce the amount of plastic waste arriving at garbage dumps by carrying your own reusable shopping bags, including mesh bags for produce. Here are a few eco-friendly mesh bags for your consideration.

These bags are BPA-free and food contact-safe. Their ultra-fine mesh is sturdy and transparent enough to not interfere with barcode scanning. They have a drawstring closure with a spring-loaded clip, and their tags display their weight in ounces, grams and pounds.

These cotton bags are machine-washable, and their double stitching makes them durable. They feature cotton drawstrings for easy and secure closure. They are color-coded according to size, and their colored tags display their tare weight.

These bags are lightweight, adding negligible weight to produce, and thecolored tag shows their tare weight. They have a drawstring closure with a secure spring-loaded clip. Their mesh is see-through and won’t block barcode scanners.

These bags are lightweight, quick-drying and easy to clean. Their polyester mesh is durable and will last for many shopping strips, replacing many plastic bags in its lifespan. Each bag has a 12 inch opening for the convenience of maneuvering groceries in and out.