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Best Queen Hybrid Mattresses

Comfortable bed with new mattress in room. Healthy sleep

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. And considering that most mattresses last for as many as 10 years, buying a mattress should be seen as a long-term investment. These days, hybrid mattresses are all the rage as they combine the durability of a traditional innerspring composition with the plush feel of a memory foam exterior. If your current queen mattress has seen better days, consider upgrading to one of these cozy queen hybrid mattresses.

This queen hybrid mattress is made with five layers, including a pocket spring layer. The memory foam adapts to your body’s shape for better support while still being plush to the touch.

Another nice feature of this queen hybrid mattress’ lavender foam layer is that it acts as a natural air freshener. Plus, this mattress is breathable to help better regulate temperature.

Most Supportive

This queen hybrid mattress is made from hypoallergenic materials to help prevent common allergens like dust mites, pollen or even pet dander from disturbing your sleep.

If you prefer a softer queen hybrid mattress, this is a plush solution. The inner coils are encased in a layer each of bamboo charcoal memory foam and aloe vera-infused transition foam.