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Best PS4 Cooling Fan

cooler fan of power supply unit

Enjoy your PS4 console for hours on end without worrying about it overheating with one of these highly recommended cooling stands. They also help create an organized gaming center that does not occupy much space. Check out the list below and select which one is best for you.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic with a honeycomb design, this cooling fan and docking station also stows up to 12 games. It has galvanized metal base and two fans that operate quietly at high speeds. Fully charge two controllers simultaneously in two hours using the charging station at the front, which features LED indicators.

This tidy gaming center has a minimalist design and receives power from the console through a USB cable. It has several rows of vents underneath that enhance air circulation to the fans.

The included USB cable connects to various devices for power using its 5-volt DC input port. Charge up to two PS4 controllers simultaneously in the charging ports, which feature LED indicators.

Attach this cooling system directly onto the console right out of the box. Its black color and design match that of the console, creating a seamless look. Select “on” for continuous cooling or “auto” to activate its temperature sensor, which turns on the fans if the console raises above a certain threshold.

By orienting the console in an upright position, you save on space while keeping all your gaming devices organized in one spot. Four rubber covers enhance the stability of the stand and are easy to install. Connect up to three devices, such as a keyboard or mouse, using the extra hub ports. This stand has slots to store up to 14 games.