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Best Protein Chips


Protein chips are an excellent way to curve your snack cravings without consuming unhealthy sugars. Packed with flavor, they can give you a noticeable energy boost and still keep you on track with your diet. Some protein chips have a satisfying crunch and are available in many delicious flavors. Check out our top choices for best protein chips.

These protein chips use dairy proteins and only contain four grams of carbs. It provides you with an enjoyable crunch and contains nine crucial amino acids. The chips are also soy free. It’s a perfect snack when on a strict diet. 

These protein snacks only have 90 calories per pack and ten grams of protein. They are lightly sprinkled with sunflower oil and salt and have a crunchy balanced taste.

These keto chips satisfy and reduce unhealthy cravings so you can stick to your diet. The chips are available in four savory flavors and are the perfect size to carry in your purse or bag.

 These chips only use plant-based ingredients and are portioned correctly to keep you energized throughout your day. They include peas protein and make the perfect light snack.

These chips are full of delicious flavors, and they give you a satisfying crunch. Each pack contains essential fibers and protein and contains no gluten, preservatives, or sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes protein chips different from other chips?

Protein chips typically have more nutritional value than other chips. Regular potato chips generally are high in sodium and fat with very little protein. When eating protein chips, you are getting a delicious snack with quality nutritional values you can feel good about. Since protein is an essential nutrient in our diets, these chips make a great alternative to potato chips without sacrificing the delicious flavor we all love.  

What do protein chips taste like?

There is a wide variety of flavors and styles of protein chips you can buy. You may find a bag of protein chips that are air-popped, light and fluffy or you may find a cracker-like chip. All brands of protein chips come in different flavors such as cheese or BBQ. While protein chips may not be your typical fried potato chip, they have a taste that is hard to pass up.

How long do protein chips stay fresh?

The freshness of your protein chips depends on the type of storage container or area you put them in. To maximize the shelf life of your protein chips, keep them in a cool, dry area. When the bag is stored properly and is unopened, the protein chips may stay fresh for up to 12 months. When opened, they can stay fresh up to one to two weeks when properly stored. You’ll want to review the expiration date listed on the bag of your protein chips for the best quality. 

How can protein chips be used in recipes or snacks?

Whenever you go to a party, there are typically potato chips and dip. Protein chips can be used to replace the potato chip to allow the snack to have more nutritional value. Depending on the flavor of the protein chip, you can pair it with a type of cheese, guacamole or hummus. You can also crush up your protein chips and use them as breading for a recipe such as oven-baked chicken. The possibilities are endless when adding these delicious snacks to recipes.

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