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Best Portable Printers

Black woman printing pictures with portable wireless mini printer at home. African american people sitting on sofa and archiving prints in photo album

Printing on the go is possible with a portable printer. These printers provide wireless support and are lightweight and easy to fit in your pockets. Get ready to print pictures and notes directly from any of your mobile devices. Check out this collection of easy-to-use portable printing options so you can quickly capture memories in style.

Perfect for parties and concerts, this printer allows users to print photos and videos that can be brought to life by using their phone and their username watermark. ZINK sticky back paper turns user’s favorite prints into beautiful stickers. The printer uses no ink or cartridges and provides clean, smudge-free prints. This printer is also rechargeable and compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

This Bluetooth-compatible thermal printer instantaneously prints photos and text. It’s compatible with many types of printing paper and makes a perfect travel companion or a great gift for the holidays.

This mobile printer is wireless and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. With the Kodak printing app, users can access various features, including filters, borders, stickers and templates.

This wireless printer has a sleek, lightweight design for easy transport. It prints sharp, vibrant photos with or without borders for added effect, and is an excellent option for professionals on the go. You can buy an optional battery kit, which will let you print up to 330 pages on a full charge.

This portable printer is EPEAT-certified, meaning that it is energy efficient and produces a low level of greenhouse gases. This printer’s app is easy to operate and the printer can also be accessed with Alexa, making for quick and easy prints. This printer also charges quickly and is great for mobile professionals and telecommuters.