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Best Poncho


 If you know that you’re going to be outside for extended periods, it’s a good idea to prepare for any event — including bad weather. A good rain poncho can keep you dry and allow you to stay outside, even when the skies get ugly. Whether you’re shopping for adults or kids, these are the ponchos you should have. 

We like this kid’s poncho which is part of a four-pack set. You’ll love that they’re not only disposable, but affordable. This means you can keep them stashed in your car, your bags or in your child’s backpack so they’re never caught by surprise. 

We like that this poncho set is made from a thicker, eco-friendly material that’s also lightweight and incredibly breathable. The compact folded size means you can keep it in your everyday bag for whenever bad weather strikes. 

You’ll like that the long design on this poncho gives you fantastic coverage from the elements. You also get a front pocket to hold essentials when you’re wearing it. And it can double as an outdoor mat or a temporary tent. 

Specifically, they’re designed to accommodate 30- and 50-liter backpacks. This reusable poncho is made from waterproof 210T ripstop polyester fabric and even the seams are reinforced to be waterproof.

 This kid’s poncho comes in sizes small through XXL, which is designed to fit children from 31.4 inches tall to well over six feet. You’ll like that the eco-friendly polyester fabric is quick-drying and waterproof. 

Poncho FAQs

1. What is the best poncho material?

Ideally, you want to look for material that is lightweight yet strong. It should also be breathable so that you don’t get overheated — especially if you have to wear a poncho for extended periods. Also look for a waterproof fabric, which is usually made from coated polyester or nylon. 

2. Which is better, a poncho or a raincoat?

This is going to depend on your preference. Both ponchos and raincoats can be equally effective at protecting you from rain or snow. However, both are ideal for specific settings. If you’re focused on protection and style, a raincoat will always win the fashion wars. In contrast, if you’re trying to travel light, then ponchos are the better option as they can be folded down into a compact shape. In many cases, ponchos can pull double duty and work as an impromptu ground covering or tent.  

Poncho Buying Guide

No one wants to get caught in the rain. But there are so many options when it comes to picking the right outerwear gear that’s not only effective at protecting you from precipitation, but is also comfortable. Thankfully, ponchos come in a wide array of options, making them financially accessible and versatile to anyone shopping for this utilitarian outdoor garment. 

Consider whether you want a disposable or reusable poncho. The upside of a disposable poncho is that once the rain or snow event is over, you can quickly toss it and don’t have to worry about drying and storing a wet poncho. On the other hand, while inexpensive, disposable ponchos can become an added cost if you’re constantly having to replace them. 

A reusable poncho is a one-time expense that can last for quite a while if you take care of your belongings. In many instances, you can find ponchos in a variety of colors and styles. And often reusable ponchos come in multiple sizes, including options that can even easily cover you and your backpack. Additionally, many reusable ponchos come with carrying totes so you can quickly pack them away and easily store them for the next use. 

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