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Best Plastic Football Tablecloths

Snacks for watching a football game. Great for Super Bowl or Playoff themed projects. Pretzels, sausage, chips and dips with a football and a faux grass background

Tablecloths are both functional and decorative and can often set the mood in a room based on their design. These football-themed plastic tablecloths can provide that wow factor to complete any sports-themed event. They are decorative and come in a wide range of sizes and themes. Our list below has many great options for you to consider.

These thick, durable tablecloths are difficult to tear, and the waterproof surface is easy to clean. The high-quality material remains smooth and does not bunch up when sliding items across its surface. You can even use it to play football-related table games.

These stain-resistant tablecloths work perfectly as a backdrop for pictures at football-themed parties, and they can be wiped clean and reused or tossed after use.

Each tablecloth comes in a full-color bright green with distinct white football field pitch lines. You can get creative with these tablecloths — for example, you could make a tabletop game, use them as a backdrop for photos and bulletin boards or create fan signs at sporting events.

The high-quality plastic material provides a smooth surface that drapes neatly. Spills and liquids do not seep through this thick plastic, and cleaning requires an easy wipe with a damp cloth. Sold in a pack of three.