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The Best Planner Stickers

closeup to planner with colorful stickers

Whether it’s an appointment journal or a calendar, having a planner is a great way to optimize schedules and ensure the accomplishment of annual or monthly goals. These sets of stickers assist with planning, making the process easier to read and organize. Take a look at these great choices below.

This planner sticker set visually highlights important memos and appointment dates, making sure you never miss them. The stickers are perfectly sized to fit most calendars, planners and journals, adding flair to any schedule.

This wide variety of colorful stickers covers themes including vacation, special occasions, inspiration, organization and daily comments.

Many of these stickers are waterproof. Each one has a high-quality adhesive that won’t fall off, peel or smudge. They all have eye-catching designs, legible text and are organized by theme and function.

These stickers are organized by various categories, including organization and productivity, events and holidays, inspirational quotes, reminding, planning and decorating.