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Best Picture Box Gift

Garland on the wall of the room of the romantic pictures of newlyweds, original wedding decor in hotel

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift? Create a personalized picture box for that special someone for any occasion. You can have fun filling up the box with personalized messages, memorable photos and sentimental decorations. Our list below contains a few good picture box options for you to consider.

The conveniently included double-sided tape, ribbon, heart-shaped card, 10 color pens, sticks and photo tape make it easy to decorate. Unopened, the largest box measures 9.25-inches by 8-inches x 5.5-inches. This black cardboard contains more smaller boxes in the center, with the smallest box measuring 4.25-inches by 3.75-inches by 2.25-inches, which is ideal for small gifts such as jewelry or perfume.

This box measures 5-inches by 5-inches when closed and 14-inches by 14-inches when open. We like the 12 slots suitable for photos, memorable notes and cute messages. The black, sturdy paper has a durable, wide-lipped lid that holds everything together securely. Use as many stickers and decorate as much you like since it has more than enough space.

This box set includes a range of accessories to help get started on personalizing and decorating. It includes stickers, three paper flowers, tape, a silver metal pen, scissors and a large ribbon. The six themed templates provided make it easy to create the ideal gift for special occasions or create your own with the alphabet template.

You can store more than just photos using the four extra compartment accessories with unique and fun closure mechanisms. Use the additional decorations both inside and outside the box with the included ribbon, double-sided tape, stickers, a paper heart, a paper sunflower and more. It measures 14-inches by 14pinches when open and 4.7-inches by 4.7-inches when closed.