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Best Overnight Bags


Normally, planning for a trip takes weeks or months, but, sometimes, when adventure strikes you just want to get up and go. In that case, you need a smart overnight bag that offers just enough room for your essentials instead of a large, oversized piece of luggage. Before you head out for your next quick getaway, get prepared with these overnight bags.

We like that this overnight bag includes hand straps, an interior zip pocket and an exterior side zip pocket. You can also use it as a gym bag. Choose from six colorways.

We like that this overnight bag features plenty of internal storage and is available in six colors. It can even pull double=duty as a carry-on bag for your next flight.

We like that this bag features a shoe pocket that’s separate from the rest of your contents. It comes with internal and external pockets and can double as a carry-on or gym bag.

You’ll like that this overnight bag is machine-washable. Since it’s only 20 inches wide, you can also turn this bag into a carry-on for your next flight.

This overnight bag comes in eight colors and offers plenty of internal storage. Plus, we like that the Novel duffel includes a shoe pocket for better organization.

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