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Best Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

lawn watering - water sprinkler working in green grass at home backyard

Battling the heat can be harsh on your plants, lawn or garden. Sprinklers eliminate the tedious chore of watering plants and lawns while saving water by ensuring only the desired area receives water. Whether you’re looking for residential or agricultural sprinklers, the following oscillating lawn sprinklers provide a convenient and reliable watering system.

Quickly water your lawn or garden bed using this sprinkler. Equipped with a sturdy metal base, it remains in place while in use. The fine nozzles propel a smooth and uniform spray of water. It includes a cleanable sieve to prevent any obstruction to water flow.

The curved spray arm enhances the reach of the water sprays by creating a fan-shaped curtain of water. The heavy-duty components such as its brass jet holes and rubber-coated aluminum connector ensure reliable long-term use. Select the desired coverage and patterns by adjusting the dial and tab.

Also Consider

Control the width, flow, and range of water using the three easily accessible controls on this sturdy metal sprinkler.

Best Step-Spike Sprinkler

Use the four controls to customize the throw, width, distance and angle of the water. Once placed, this sprinkler remains upright even when the ground becomes soaking wet.

The stainless steel base is stable, ensuring that the sprinkler remains upright and does not flip over while in use. It sprays a distance of up to 70 feet, and its slider control is straightforward, so adjusting the water spray range is easy.