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Best No Show Socks


No-show socks can be a great alternative for those who don’t enjoy the feel or style of crew socks. They’re smaller than ankle socks and can create a great low-profile appearance since you normally can’t see them when worn with shoes. Check out this list of our favorite no-show socks.  

This set includes four pairs of cotton-spandex socks. They feature neutral hues and your choice of shoe sizes 5 to 8 or 8.5 to 11.

This six-pack of mens’ socks features a polyester-spandex blend and is available in multiple colors and patterns.

These no-show socks are made with a cotton, polyester and spandex blend. They are non-slip with silicone heel grips and feature a cushioned foot and a comfortable toe seam.  

This six-pack of no-show socks has a polyester-spandex blend with a moisture-wicking yarn to keep you comfortable.

These breathable, no-show socks come in a four-pack. Choose from neutral colors that go with anything. They’re made with a cotton-nylon blend and have anti-slip silicone for added comfort.

No-Show Socks FAQs

1. Why are no-show socks so popular?
Many people dislike that ankle socks still show when you’re wearing shoes. No-show socks can create a more polished effect, allowing your outfit to shine rather than detracting from your overall aesthetic. Plus, many no-show socks are designed from thinner materials, making them compatible with a wider range of footwear such as flats, heels and even oxfords and booties.

2. What should I look for in a no-show sock?

Of course, the fit is the first concern. Ideally, look for socks that offer non-slip support. This means that the sock usually has a silicone strip on the interior heel so that your socks don’t slip under your heels. Also, think about breathability. Many sock manufacturers incorporate moisture-wicking technology so that you’re not left walking in sweaty socks all day. And finally, consider the thickness. You can find no-show socks in thinner, lightweight materials which are great for dress shoes or warmer weather. Or, heavier materials better suited for sneakers or cooler temperatures.

No-Show Socks Buying Guide

These days, no-show socks are something of a staple in footwear coverings. This is because, while once a niche product, no-show socks are now incredibly popular — many people have found that they dislike crew or even ankle socks that don’t always pair well with different styles of shoes. A good pair of no-show socks can work with anything from casual athleisure footwear to heels, flats and oxfords.

First, think about the sock material. You want something that’s comfortable but won’t encourage sweat. Many brands offer moisture-wicking technology to ensure your feet will stay dry throughout the day. But you also want to consider breathability and ventilation to help minimize the sweat.

Also, look for socks that offer non-slip functionality. Anyone who’s worn no-show socks without this feature knows far too well that it’s easy for a pair of socks to get bunched under your heel. A good non-slip sock will feature silicone that grips your heel and makes sure that the sock stays where it belongs.

And of course, think about the sock’s thickness and height in the toe box. If you’re looking for a pair of no-show socks that work with a heel or pair of flats, you’re going to want a truly low-profile style. Similarly, you would want that sock to be thinner since flats and heels usually aren’t paired with traditionally thicker socks.

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