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Best Newborn Booties


Newborn booties are a great alternative to socks, which can easily slip off, and shoes can be a hassle to put on. Booties like these are nice and soft and stay put on your baby’s feet. Available in many colors and patterns, you’re sure to find a pair perfect for your newbown. Take a look at our top picks for the best newborn booties below.

These booties have a velcro strap closure, grippers on the bottom and a few solid and two-toned color choices to choose from. Because they’re made of polyester, they’re soft and easy to wash.

 These booties were designed to keep your newborn comfy and warm. The jersey material is super soft and the snap closure stays secure so the booties don’t fall off. There are two adjustment options for the straps to customize the fit.

These booties are breathable but warm, making them suitable for wearing any time of year. There are sizes to accommodate babies to around 24 months old and colors for everyone. 

You can choose a pair of booties from a selection of 10 colors. The polyester fleece is nice and comfy on babies’ feet and is easily machine washable. 

These booties are even great for babies who are beginning to walk as they have grippers on the whole bottom sole. And, because of the strong and adjustable closures, they stay in place all day long. 

Newborn Booties FAQs

  • What are newborn booties?

Newborn booties are a hybrid of socks and shoes. They are a soft yet structured form of footwear for babies who are not yet walking. Newborn booties are usually soft-soled and are made with the infant’s warmth and comfort in mind. They help keep the feet snug and covered while also adding a sense of style to your newborn. 

  • Do newborns need booties?

While babies don’t need shoes until they learn to walk, newborn booties can help keep their feet warm and snug. This is very beneficial when outside of the house, as newborns can get cold easily. Newborn booties may also allow your baby to get used to having something snug around their feet before they start wearing shoes. Booties can also add a cute and warm addition to your infant’s outfit.  

  • How do I know if the booties will fit my newborn?

Newborn booties sizes aren’t as vital as walking shoes for your baby but it is still important to make sure they fit your newborn comfortably. Sizing corresponds with your baby’s age. Example: Size 0-3 month booties will fit a newborn to a 3-month-old infant. You’ll want to make sure your baby has room to wiggle his toes at the tip of the shoe; they should not be too tight around the foot. 

  • Do newborn booties stay on?

Newborn booties are made to slip on easily, but they’re also meant to be snug enough that babies can’t kick them off their feet. Some are made with ties or belts over the top of the bootie for a more secure fit. The booties are likely to stay on longer depending on the size and style you purchase. All babies are different, so the length of time the booties stay on may vary per infant.


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