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Best Mini Air Conditioners


If you’re in a space that technically has built-in climate control such as central air conditioning, you may not always have direct access to adjust the temperature. This is especially true in office buildings, or if you happen to be the one person whose bedroom never gets as cool as the others in the house. If the idea of upgrading your entire HVAC system isn’t realistic, a mini air conditioner or personal cooler can be a smart solution to help make the air in your personal space more comfortable.

We think this mini air conditioner is the top pick because you get three timer settings that go up to six hours. There are also three fan speeds, a humidifier, purifier and a sleek control panel.

By adding water or ice to the reservoir, this mini air conditioner can make you cooler. It works via USB power and offers three fan speeds with a wide-angle air outlet for more coverage.

We like that this mini air conditioner can also serve as a humidifier and air purifier. The low noise makes it great for night use and you can toggle between wind speeds and timer settings.

You’ll appreciate that this mini air conditioner is compact and has an indicator to let you know when the water tank needs to be refilled. It’s also very quiet during operation.