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Best Medicine Ball Rack

Black and orange sports balls on a rack in a fitness room

Medicine balls are useful for a ton of different exercises and workout routines, making them a great addition to any home gym But with all the physical benefits of working out with a medicine ball, storage can be tricky, especially if you have a small space. As a space-saving solution, a medicine ball rack is a handy storage unit for both homes and gyms. The two most common types of medicine ball racks are vertical trees and horizontal carts. For home use, vertical tree racks are the most ideal, since they offer enough storage for a home gym and save on floor space. Here are our favorite medicine ball racks.

This Champion ball rack is a favorite for its design and general usefulness. The rack can hold up to 10 medicine balls, five on each side, after an easy assembly. The rack can fit in any location due to its narrow design. Medicine balls of all sizes can be stored on this convenient rack.

This six-tier medicine ball storage solution is designed to offer convenience, ease of access and reliability. The set is well-constructed and sturdy, featuring a rubber base to eliminate any sliding or damage to your floors.

Best for Small Spaces

This entire rack can be easily assembled to provide a convenient space-saving solution. It can hold a variety of med ball styles and sizes.