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Best Magnetic Wrench Organizer


When you own a lot of tools, keeping them organized is an essential way to ensure your tools are easy to find when you need them. While standard wrench sets are an option, you can also take advantage of a magnetic wrench organizer. This upgrade not only keeps your wrenches orderly but also allows for vertical storage if you have a metallic surface nearby. Check out this list of our top picks.  

This magnetic wrench organizer comes with enough slots to accommodate up to 10 wrenches. It’s designed to fit metric and SAE wrenches in a variety of sizes.  

Each magnetic wrench organizer can hold up to 22 pounds and for increased capacity, just connect the bars together. The space-saving design allows you to keep your workspace clutter-free.  

Best of all, these magnetic wrench organizers can accommodate a wide array of tools, not just wrenches. Each strip can support up to five pounds. Choose from a 4- or 8-piece set.  

One tool kit can hold up to 15 wrenches. Its streamlined design is made for tool drawers and makes it easy to identify which wrench to use and keeps them in an upright position for quick use. It even includes a feature to let you know when a tool is missing. 

This large-capacity magnetic wrench organizer comes with four rails and is designed to organize your wrenches from smallest to largest. Plus, the compact 1.1-inch height makes it fit in most tool storage drawers.  


1. How much weight can magnetic toolbars hold?

Typically, the product description will outline exactly how much weight a toolbar can support. But also keep in mind that magnetic wrench organizers come in a variety of configurations, so weight support may vary from kit to kit. Some magnetic wrench organizers are designed to be wall-mounted, meaning that you can use mounting screws to store your wrenches vertically on a wall. In this scenario, you’re going to need to prioritize an organizer that’s rated to support the total weight of your wrenches, if not more. But if you have a magnetic toolbox organizer, these are designed to rest vertically against the base of your toolbox drawer. In this case, the weight capacity will be less important.  

2. How can I install a magnetic wrench organizer?

This depends on the type of magnetic wrench organizer that you own. Magnetic wrench organizers that are designed to be used with a tool drawer have the easiest installation process. Assuming that your drawer is metal, simply place the organizer magnet-side down on the bottom of the drawer. Then you can organize your wrenches in whatever manner you prefer. If you have a wall-mounted magnetic wrench organizer, for best results, use screws to securely place the organizer on a flat wall surface. These screws are usually included with most wall-mounted organizers, but if not, you can find them at your local hardware store.  

3. What type of magnetic wrench organizer is best?

It depends on your needs. People with larger collections or those looking to streamline their toolbox drawers may find that they’re better served with a magnetic wrench organizer that’s designed to be installed vertically on a flat surface. These can help to make your tool search within a larger toolbox easier. Conversely, someone with a small wrench collection, or who wants to organize all of their tools — not just wrenches — may decide that a wall-mounted solution is a better choice as it frees up workspaces, reduces clutter and makes their tools more accessible.  

4. What size holder should I get?

The right size depends on your wrench collection. At a minimum, it’s a good idea to pick a magnetic wrench organizer that’s compatible with most wrench sets. This means that you should have anywhere from 10 to 15 dedicated slots to support your tools from the smallest to the largest wrench. Also note that with wrench sets, you can buy SAE and metric sizing — it’s not uncommon for people to own both versions — so, you’ll want an organizer that can accommodate both sizing methods.  

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