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Best Magnetic Calendars For Refrigerator

Magnetic calendars are an effective way to remember key events and special occasions. They’re reusable and have strong magnetic backs that will hold securely to your refrigerator, keeping your schedule always visible. Here are our top picks that will get you organized in no time.

This calendar comes with four colorful markers, one eraser, one set of adhesives pads, two cartoon magnets and one daily planner. It has a smooth anti-slip surface for easy cleaning and reusability. All items are magnetic, which ensures they won’t be misplaced.

This magnetic calendar displays an entire month and provides ample writing room for daily notes, plus a bonus space for additional quotes, goals or any other writing. Its high-quality gloss surface allows for easy cleaning with a dry napkin or cloth.

This calendar allows for effortless planning of family activities, meals and chores with individual neon colors for everyone. It features a space-effective design with lots of writing room for special events and occasions. It’s easily cleaned with a dry cloth or sponge.

This calendar set is perfect for keeping track of a wide range of appointments and errands with enough room for creative, fun drawings. Its smooth surface is water and stain-resistant, which guarantees easy cleaning without any ink ghosting or streaking.