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Best Long-Sleeve Dress


Dresses are always in fashion, even when the weather turns chilly. Whether you work in an office that seems to set the thermostat to “frigid penguin weather” or you want to rock a cute dress regardless of what the temperature reads, these are the long-sleeve dresses that you’re going to want in your wardrobe. 

You’ll like that this long-sleeve dress is made with a polyester-cotton blend and features a fitted waist to accentuate your figure. This pick is available in sizes small through 2XL and features a wrap front.

You’ll like that this dress features a stylish keyhole front. But more importantly, there are hidden pockets so you don’t have to figure out what to do with your phone. This dress also features a zip closure in the back.

Although this long sleeve dress must be hand-washed, we love that it’s available in a wide array of colors and is designed in sizes small through 2XL. Note that the hem is a mid-thigh length.

You’ll like that this long-sleeve dress is available in 14 colors. It features a deep v-neck and structured shoulders. Note that it’s available in sizes small through extra-large and is a true mini hem length.

We like that this long-sleeve dress comes with two roomy front pockets that are perfect for storing your phone or other essentials. Better still, this pick is available in a wide array of colors and has a companion style that’s sleeveless.

Long Sleeve Dress FAQs

1. How do I pick a dress I like?
First, think about the environment where you intend to wear your dress. A casual dress won’t make sense at a formal event or even in the workplace, depending on your office’s dress code. Additionally, think about comfort and fit. In most cases, you’ll be wearing that long-sleeve dress for at least a few hours. Pick fabrics that are breathable and aren’t scratchy or irritating.

2. How can I shop wisely?
Consider quality over quantity. If you’re focused solely on quickly stocking your wardrobe with a wide array of clothing, focusing on fast fashion brands can seem like a good idea. But in many cases, these items aren’t designed to last for more than a season. This means that if you pick staple items like long-sleeve dresses, you could find yourself replacing them every season. Over time, this can represent a significant expense — proving that you would have been better served to “splurge” for staple pieces.

Long-Sleeve Dress Buying Guide

Long-sleeve dresses are perfect for season transitions. As the weather turns cooler in the early fall or begins to get slightly warmer in early spring, a good long-sleeve dress can serve as a bridge item in your wardrobe. It works great by itself but can also be paired with jackets or blazers to act as a transitional outfit.

When shopping for a long-sleeve dress, always consider your environment. Are you planning to wear this for the office or is this a casual dress for running errands or grabbing lunch with friends? Knowing where you intend to wear your dress can help you avoid picking styles that would be out of place in the wrong setting.

Likewise, think about your shape and which styles would flatter you most. While classic hourglass shapes can essentially wear any dress style, someone looking to minimize their hips might prefer a fit and flare style instead. Also, think about the sleeve style as you can find a wide range from fitted and three-quarter lengths to dolman and trumpet sleeves which are more blousy.

And finally, think about the fabric content and how the garment feels. Especially if you’re shopping for a long-sleeve dress for work, the last thing you want is a dress that leaves you feeling irritated and uncomfortable for eight or more hours. And don’t be afraid to take a dress to a tailor if it isn’t a perfect fit right off the rack.

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