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Best LED Video Lights

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LED video lights are a must for any photographer or videographer as they help provide the lighting necessary for professional-quality photos and videos. They can simulate natural light or provide beautiful colored effects. They can be used with most camera equipment and have long battery lives. Our top picks are listed below, so take a look!

This light comes with a cold shoe adapter which makes it compatible with most DSLR cameras, light stands and camcorders. It illuminates up to 20 feet away for clean distant videos and photos. Its LED lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

A 360-degree rotating U-bracket allows for easy angle adjustments for the best lighting output. You can even use a mobile app to control the lights from your phone.

This LED light features a convenient magnetic back and a built-in lithium battery that can run for 120 minutes when fully charged. Its lightweight, compact design is perfect for easy carrying. It has three shoe mounts for multiple light panel connections and a cold shoe adapter for compatibility with various camera equipment.

This lighting set comes with a high-quality aluminum tripod that you can adjust to fit your desired height. It’s lightweight and can fold for storage or carrying. It has a wide range of uses and is perfect for all photography needs.

This LED light receives power through USB ports, including mobile devices, computers and USB wall chargers. It has a cold shoe ball head that supports 180-degree angle adjustment. Adjust the brightness from 10% to 100% without any light flicker.