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Best Lawn Hockey


Lawn hockey, a more casual and child-friendly version of field or street hockey, is an engaging game to play with your kids while teaching them about the sport. In addition to encouraging outdoor play time, lawn hockey helps kids practice important skills, like communication and teamwork. Below are four high-quality lawn hockey sets to try out with your kids today.

Featuring easily foldable plastic goals, this hockey set is easy to assemble to get the game started. When you finish, simply fold the goals back down for convenient storage. Two of the hockey balls are made of soft foam for safe indoor play, while a third ball is made of hard plastic for street hockey. It is the perfect game to prepare future hockey champions.

The goals in this set are foldable for easy storage when it’s not in use Each goal is made of high impact PVC tubing and sleeve netting. This set is perfect for both lawn and street hockey games.

Each hockey stick in this set measures 28 inches long, and the pucks and balls are hollow to ensure children’s safety as they have fun.

This game comes with two double nets, two high-density boards, eight pucks and a carrying strap for easy portability. The pucks are colored and soft enough to avoid damaging any nearby cars or buildings. Sticks are not included.