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The Best Lawn Fertilizer

Give your grass the boost it needs with lawn fertilizer. A good fertilizer will help fill in patches, keep your yard looking lush and make it the envy of the neighborhood. In terms of how much fertilizer you will need, a good rule of thumb is one pound for every 1,000 square feet of lawn. Check out our top fertilizer picks.

We love that this lawn fertilizer easily attaches to most garden hoses. Once attached, simply water your lawn as you normally would while the fertilizer does all the work.

This lawn fertilizer not only prevents crabgrass, but stops more than 200 types of weeds while simultaneously feeding your lawn with a slow-release nitrogen formula that works for up to 12 weeks.

Best Preventative Care

Along with prepping your lawn, this fertilizer also helps your grass to grow longer roots, making the lawn more durable and able to retain more nutrients.

Thanks to the 5% iron addition, you’ll get that lush green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Along with taking the confusion out of picking the right product, this lawn fertilizer offers deep root penetration and can feed your lawn for up to eight weeks.