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Best Laundry Pet Hair Catcher

There are so many wonderful things about having a pet at home. But as much fun as cats and dogs are, they can leave a lot of hair or fur all over your home. A laundry pet hair catcher is a great tool for removing pesky hair from clothes, bedding and other fabrics that your pets often touch. These hair catchers conveniently remove hair from the surface of any material in the washing machine, preventing the hair from clogging the machine or spreading to your other laundry. Here are some of the best pet hair removers for your next laundry day.

Place this fur remover with your laundry in the washing machine to remove fur from your clothes. The pet hair will stick to the fur catcher, leaving your items clean and hair-free. You can reuse each catcher by rinsing it under running water and placing it on a sheet to dry.

Made of high-quality nylon, these mesh nets are easily cleaned for reuse by removing any debris and rinsing to prevent bacterial growth. They feature a polyester turntable lid, which comes in four colors.

These hair removing balls are specially designed to be soft and not leave marks on fabrics. Use them on blankets, bedding and jackets to remove any fur.