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Best Laptop Bags For Travel

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When you’re on the go, you might find that you need something with more storage than a traditional laptop bag. Not only can a laptop bag pull double duty as a backpack and provide extra storage, but you can find other nice features like access ports for cords, or TSA-friendly lay-flat zippers that make getting through airport security a breeze. The next time you hit the road or friendly skies with your laptop in tow, try one of these laptop travel bags first.

We like that this travel laptop bag is water-resistant and approved for carry-on use. Plus, you’ll get a built-in USB charger port for easier access to a charge when you need it.

This travel laptop bag is available in several colors and is TSA-friendly. You’ll also get a durable, water-resistant exterior and a breathable back.

This travel laptop bag features a luggage strap so that you can easily zip through the airport without straining your back. It also has an external USB port for added convenience.