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Best Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Cute smiling beautiful black girl swim portrait in swimming pool in backyard

Kiddie pools are a great way to keep your little ones cool and active on hot days. They feature colorful designs and allow your kids to splash around in a safe amount of water under adult supervision. The best kiddie pools consist of skin-friendly materials that provide added comfort and safety for long hours of aquatic fun. Check out our recommended options.

Hamdol’s inflatable pool has an adorable built-in elephant head that sprays water and keeps your kids entertained. It’s puncture-resistant, which parents will appreciate.

These baby pools have fun, decorative patterns and colors. They are sold as a set of two and include repair patches for leaks. The vinyl is gentle on your baby’s skin, and the pools deflate quickly for convenient storage.

Sable’s inflatable pool is large enough to hold both kids and adults simultaneously. It has two water valves for fast draining and a white top ring that helps keep your arms cool in hot temperatures.

This inflatable pool is full-sized and perfect for the entire family to enjoy on hot days. It withstands considerable weight and has smooth, soft edges so you can let your little ones play worry-free (with supervision, of course!).