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Best Infinity Scarf


Whether you’re just trying to keep warm or pull a look together, the infinity scarf is a popular go-to accessory on a chilly day. They come in an array of gender-neutral options that anyone can rock to bundle up and showcase a fashionable, sophisticated style. Check out our top picks for the best infinity scarves.  

This infinity scarf is available in four earth tone shades. The hood is roomy enough to suit any size head, hairstyle or hair length.

This 100% polyester infinity scarf is lightweight to wear in warmer weather, depending on the climate. For added warmth, create a double loop instead of a single loop.

Made with polyester jersey knit, these scarves include considerable elasticity without edges so that it’s comfortable against your skin.  

These infinity scarves from this brand are designed to pair seamlessly with Corciova’s winter beanies. They’re soft to the touch and machine-washable.  

This 100% acrylic scarf can easily be double-looped for increased warmth. It’s machine-washable.  

Infinity Scarf FAQs

1. What is the difference between an infinity scarf and a regular scarf?

A regular scarf is a single length of fabric with two distinct ends while an infinity scarf is a continuous loop of fabric or knit. When worn, the infinity scarf is looped over your head. In most cases, the scarf has enough length to easily create a second loop for a closer, snug fit. Infinity scarves either can be made from woven close knits like polyester or chunkier knits.  

2. How should I wear an infinity scarf?

The easiest way to wear an infinity scarf is with a double loop. This means that you place the scarf around your neck, twist and then loop it around your neck again. Alternatively, you can wear it as a single loop. In some cases, you can find infinity scarves with hoods, which is ideal if you don’t like to wear hats. But often, infinity scarves are designed with more width, so that you have enough length and depth to wear them as hooded scarves even if it’s not marketed that way.  

Infinity Scarf Buying Guide

Infinity scarves are a staple accessory whether you live in a cold climate or not. They’re a great accent piece to help create a complete outfit, and can also serve as a functional solution and alternative to a traditional scarf. 

When shopping for an infinity scarf, first think about the weight. These scarves are sold in lightweight weaves or chunky knits. If you live in a more temperate climate, a lighter weight is ideal to prevent sweat as you wear it. Alternatively, in colder weather, a good infinity scarf can keep you warm and, in some cases, serve as a hood if you don’t like to wear hats. 

Also, consider the pattern, both for the actual weave and colors, or prints. For example, knitted scarves may feature a cable knit or a ribbed knit. There’s no advantage to one over the other, but the option you select will depend on your preference.  

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