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Best Infant Toys For Ages 12 To 18 Months


Once your baby reaches their first year, they’re all about discovering the world around them. This means it’s time to start surrounding them with toys that encourage curiosity and help them safely improve their motor skills and begin to engage in role playing and other activities that improve cognition. Check out these great picks for your toddlers!

This toddler toy is BPA-free and is the perfect developmental choice to test your toddler’s memory in a low-stress environment. Plus, you’ll appreciate that there are no sharp edges.

For babies younger than 12 months, this toddler toy features a detachable tabletop so that it can rest flat on the floor. Then older babies can flex their legs and use the table setting.

Along with the top puzzle maze, this toddler toy also features an abacus, clock face, gears and a shape sorter. Best of all, when not in use the maze on top can be converted into a lid to save space.

We like that this toddler toy set features 18 pieces including stackers and shapes. Plus, these toys can be used in the bath or at the beach to build a fun sand castle.

This toddler toy supports hand-eye coordination and is easy to assemble. It comes with a child-safe hammer to help them push the balls into the course.


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