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Best Indoor Fly Trap

Closeup of fungus gnats being stuck to yellow sticky tape.

Flies and other bugs that get caught inside your house are a nuisance. Tackle flies, moths, mosquitoes, gnats and more using any of these highly recommended indoor fly traps.

This compact trap can be placed near garbage cans, fruit bowls or anywhere else you tend to find flying insects in your home. Set up your trap and select between standard or low-speed settings. You can monitor through the outer mesh to determine if the glue board needs replacing.

You can hang this trapper anywhere indoors and go about your day. No need to use electricity or chemicals to control flying insects in your home. The large surface area traps a significant number of flies.

The large white plastic liners on both ends of the stick make it easy to maneuver without touching the adhesive surface. For best results, ensure that the entire surface of the trap stick is exposed and near areas where there are a lot of flying pests.

The pleasant UV light and contemporary design of this plug-in trap doubles as a nightlight that suits any room decor. The long-lasting bulb provides up to 3000 hours of use while the replaceable sticky glue cards last between 30-60 days and replacements are available as needed.

Once suctioned into the trap, bugs enter an anti-escape funnel and encounter a sticky board. This trap is quiet and effective, and you can easily replace the glue boards inside of it as needed.