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Best Hula Hoop


Through the years, the hula hoop has evolved into something more than just another toy. Some modern designs can even help you get your heart rate up and build muscle. Whether you want to add to your child’s fun stash or enhance your workout goals, be sure to check out these cool hula hoops.  

These hoops are ideal for balance, rhythm and coordination.

The four-pound hula hoop has a 40-inch diameter and is ideal for adults weighing 100 to 140 pounds.  

This hula hoop helps to engage your core and tone your body through simple exercises. Plus, using a hula hoop can be a heart-healthy activity that also boosts mental health.  

The six-pack features hula hoops with a 24- to 32-inch range. Since the hoops are detachable, you can add items inside the tubes and increase the weight for enhanced resistance. 

This hoop features a removable gravity ball that helps you get a good workout in while having fun at the same time.  

Hula Hoop FAQs

1. What weight hula hoop should I buy?

Most experts note that the most weight you should use if you’re hula hooping for fitness is one or two pounds. This is because adding excess weight too quickly may be more than you can handle as you start your journey. Heavier hoops may be uncomfortable, and thus reduce the total amount of time that you can comfortably use the hoop. 

2. How do I know which size hoop to use?

Hoop size normally refers to the diameter — or measurement from one side to the other — of the hoop. Ideally, you want a hoop that you can comfortably fit over your core and rotate around your middle. As a general guide, pick a hoop that’s the right weight and size so that you can maintain the rotation momentum for longer. 

Hula Hoop Buying Guide

Hula hooping is a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy. While previous generations looked at it as a fun pastime for children, today it’s a full industry with hoops that can help you do everything from performative dance to exercise. When you’re shopping for a hula hoop, consider who you’re buying this item for and what size is best for them. 

In most cases, you shouldn’t buy a weighted hula hoop for a young child who’s just starting to use one. Instead, pick a hoop that offers more control. You can find adjustable hoops that allow you to remove or add sections to create a customized circumference that’s manageable at any age. 

With adults, think about your goals. Are you simply picking a hula hoop for fun or are you trying to use it for exercise? Actually, you can exercise with a regular, unweighted hula hoop. However, picking a hoop with a little bit of weight can help you work up a sweat by increasing the effort you have to exert to maintain the rotating motion. 

And finally, consider whether you want a hula hoop that can be disassembled or a traditional model that may require more storage space. There’s no right or wrong answer for this one. It solely depends on how much available space you have for storage. 

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