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Best Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Heat shrink connectors have a wide range of electrical applications. Whether for personal projects or professional tasks, these connectors provide reliable seals with protective properties. Select from any of these five recommended cables below.

All connectors are compliant with electrical standards.

The kit includes 11 built-in compartments that organize all the tubes neatly.

These connectors melt at 138 degrees Celsius and do not require crimping. Their transparent layer provides a durable seal as well as visibility.

This packet includes ten yellow conductors, 40 blue conductors, 45 red conductors and 25 white conductors. Connectors include a hot melt inner adhesive that melts at 138 degrees Celsius.

Use the star-shaped compression wheel to easily adjust the crimping force. The kit includes 90 red, 90 blue and 20 yellow tubes that represent their gauge.