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Best Hand Exercise Grip Strengthener

If you struggle opening jars, a grip strengthener may be right for you. These grip strengtheners are useful for various exercises that improve wrist, finger and hand strength as well as coordination. Here are four of the best grip strengtheners available.

Both handles fit all hand sizes and have a lined rubber layer for a comfortable non-slip grasp. The adjustable resistance dial ranges from 11 to 132 pounds.

The grip strengthener is made of solid ABS material and adjusts between 11 to132 pounds with an easy-to-use dial. Its front handle has grooves for a comfortable grip for every hand size, while the back handle has a soft TPE rubber coating.

The grip ring has a 40-pound resistance, while the finger stretcher, stress ball and finger exerciser offer medium resistance and are suitable for all hand sizes.

If you’re new to grip trainers, this kit is ideal. Its low-maintenance silicone material makes it easy to clean without losing its shape. The silicone’s smooth surface allows you to enjoy your exercises without soreness.