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Best Golf Range Finders

Athletic golfer swinging at the driving range dressed in casual attire.

Whether honing your golf skills for a sports tournament or a friendly game between friends, a good golf range finder is just the tool you need to improve your shot. Range finders can provide accurate calculations of distance and even include slope adjustments for uphill and downhill shots. They feature pin-seeking and flagpole-locking with pulse vibration technology. Choose from our most innovative picks.

This golf range finder has fog and speed modes with slope compensation adjustments, giving maximum accuracy for clean, clear shots.

This premium range finder has a lightweight, compact design with a heavy-duty, shock-resistant, protective casing. It has multi-layered optics with through-the-lens battery and distance indicators.

This range finder provides crystal-clear optics and is easy to read, even with your glasses on. It has slope compensation distance, flag-locking technology and innovative pulse vibration technology for better accuracy.

This range finder has fast precision scanning with flagpole locking and vibration alerts. It also uses a pin-seeking mode and angle compensation for distant uphill and downhill shots.

This finder has precise slope measurements with angled and elevation changes, plus rain and fog resistance. It provides accurate distant calculation with innovative pulse and pin-locking technology.