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Best Golf Kicks

A pair of golfing shoes and a golf club on background

Love to play golf and need a pair of golf shoes? Golf kicks offer a budget-friendly alternative. Transform almost any sneaker of your choice with a set of these golf spikes. Check out these great options.

Easily install these stylish cleats on shoes with flat rubber soles that have at least ⅓-inch thickness. They install permanently and the threading ensures that they never shift or fall off. Its flat star-shaped design provides balance for comfort and stability.

Remove old worn-out cleats with the included ripper wrench. It has an ergonomic handle and easily snaps each cleat in place securely.

The design of each cleat responds to every angle of force, making it stable on any terrain. The small inner spikes prevent slipping because they enhance grip and friction. Not only are they easy to install, but the tough material also ensures durability and longevity.

Each pack carries cleats with three color components. To install onto the compatible bases, simply align the threading and rotate right with the wrench until they are fully tightened.