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Best Garden Hose


If you have a yard, you know how essential a garden hose can be to your routine maintenance. Whether you’re trying to power wash your home’s exterior, water your garden, or quickly clean your patio furniture, a good hose can make all of those tasks significantly easier. Check out these top picks to add to your outdoor tool kit.  

You’ll like that this hose has no memory and won’t kink, twist, or rip. It comes with 0.75-inch wide male and female connectors. The lightweight triple layer provides added durability for high tensile strength.  

This garden hose has a durable exterior that cannot only withstand the cold, but also temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also crush- and abrasion-resistant, and won’t kink.

We like that this garden hose has an eight-function nozzle and only weighs 1.8 pounds. When in use, it expands to 25 feet and shrinks down to 9 feet for easy storage. 

This hose shrinks down to 17 feet and comes with 0.75-inch connectors that won’t rust, leak or crack. It works best for temperatures between 41 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.  

When not in use, this 4.8-pound garden hose is 33 feet. It comes with 0.75-inch brass connectors and can be used in temperatures from 23 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.  


1. What size hose should I buy?

It’s always best to start by checking the connections in your home before you buy a garden hose. Still, most homes should be able to work with a hose that has a 5/8-inch diameter. Most standard garden hoses are available in lengths from 25 to 100 feet. However, you’ll either need to determine the size of your yard or the distance between your home’s exterior hose connection and work areas — such as your workshop, the garage or your driveway. Picking the wrong size could leave you struggling to complete simple tasks.  

2. How do you get rid of kinks in a hose?

Garden hoses made from lower-quality materials are more likely to experience problems such as kinks, which can create permanent creases and damage in your garden hose. User behavior can also cause these issues. Specifically, failing to properly put away a hose, looping it too tightly or leaving it in an awkward coil can create those creases and kinks. Always begin the storage process by stretching out your hose after each use. Create large 2- to 3-foot loops and hang your hose on a hook or opt for a garden reel to safely store your hose.  

3. Should I get a garden hose nozzle for my hose?

This depends on which tasks you attempt to complete around the home. While the hose as sold is good for filling buckets or transporting water from one space to another, it lacks precision. This is why a nozzle can be useful, especially one that features multiple functions. With a multifunctional nozzle, you can adjust the water stream when you need a more gentle option for tasks such as watering plants. Similarly, with a nozzle you can also manage other bigger jobs like washing your car, hosing down your driveway or cleaning your home’s exterior.  

4. How can I extend the longevity of my garden hose?

Even with hoses that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, it’s always a good idea to store them so that they’re not directly exposed to the elements. The biggest potential issue is that your garden hose’s exterior layer will get brittle with sustained exposure to cold weather, ice and other harsh conditions. Over time, this can cause the composition to break down, leading to cracks, rips and tears. So, for best results, store your garden hose in your garage, a storage shed or even the basement between uses to prevent the risk of damage.  

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