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Best Funny Wall Calendars

Calendar hanging on color wall

Every household should have a current calendar hung on the walls. Besides making it easy to keep track of the date, a couple of other benefits of a calendar include decor and inspiration. Comedy is always a welcome addition in any home. Here are a few calendars sure to tickle the funny bone every day.

This calendar includes major holidays and observances. It’s printed on high-quality paper, and each monthly grid has generous spacing, providing ample space for notes.

Each monthly grid displays the most important dates and has a generous amount of space for any notes. Every page is printed on high-quality, bleed-proof paper.

This calendar uses high-quality paper printed with full-color images of sassy cats. Each monthly spread is generously spaced for notes and appointments, and marks the most widely celebrated and nationally recognized days and observances.

This calendar has 13 full-color images printed on high-quality paper that does not let ink bleed through.