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Best Faux Fur Blanket


There’s something luxurious about a fur blanket. It feels soft, keeps you warm, and can be just the right accent piece you need to pull your room together. But not everyone is comfortable using real fur. So, whether you’re vegan or just believe in a cruelty-free lifestyle, one of these faux fur blankets may be just the solution you need to upgrade your style without compromising your morals. 

This faux fur blanket is available in seven colors and features a reversible design with a soft velvet texture.

We like the plush texture of this machine-washable blanket. Choose from two sizes.

The long, thick fibers of this faux fur blanket give it a lux appearance. It’s reversible with hidden stitching for added durability.

The 100% polyester blanket’s neutral brown finish is one of three available colors and it comes in two sizes.

You’ll like the wide color selection available with this faux fur blanket, including several neutral shades of brown, black, cream and gray. It’s machine-washable and safe for low heat/tumble dry settings.


1. What size faux fur blanket should I buy for my bed?

It all depends on the size of your bed. While 50-by-60 inches is a standard throw size for couches, you’ll find that most faux fur blankets designed for beds are available in twin, full/queen and king sizes. A twin blanket is usually 66-by-90 inches. A full/queen blanket will be square and around 90-by-90 inches. Meanwhile, a king blanket will understandably be the largest at 108-by-90 inches.  

2. Why do people like faux fur blankets?

Faux fur blankets are popular for a variety of reasons although the most common include ethical concerns, ease-of-use, and affordability. These days, a push towards cruelty-free means that both animal lovers and vegans are morally opposed to using materials made from animal skins, including fur. Faux fur is a smart alternative that allows people to enjoy the look of fur without ethical objection. Also, faux fur is far easier to maintain than real fur. Many faux fur blankets are designed to be machine-washable and dryer-friendly on air-only tumble dry settings. In contrast, real fur must be cleaned by experts to prevent damage And finally, a faux fur blanket is far cheaper than a real fur blanket. 

3. What should I look for in a faux fur blanket?

There are a few factors you should consider when shopping for a faux fur blanket. First, think about where you plan on placing your blanket. If you’re using the blanket on a couch or in a chair, you might prefer a smaller option that measures 50-by-60 inches. Conversely, if you’re using this blanket on a bed, you want it to be somewhat compatible with the dimensions of your mattress so that it effectively covers the occupants. Similarly, consider whether you want a reversible blanket. Many faux fur blankets feature two textures, a long hair fur texture on one side and either a plush or sherpa texture on the other. This can be ideal if you want to use this blanket on chilly days. Also consider the color, maintenance requirements, and price. 

4. What’s the best way to care for a faux fur blanket?

These days, it’s possible to find faux fur blankets that are very user-friendly with easy-to-follow care instructions. As shown in our guide, many of the options we highlighted are machine-washable and safe for dryer use. However, you still want to use care when cleaning your blanket to prevent unnecessary fur loss. Specifically, avoid being unnecessarily rough with your blanket, as this could encourage ripping. When it’s time to wash your blanket, always follow the brand’s wash instructions. Consider using a laundry wash bag to separate it from other items in your laundry that might aggressively agitate the fur. Always wash your blanket in cold water. Note that not all fur blankets are designed to be dryer-safe. If you can’t put it in the dryer, either line dry or lay flat. So, if your blanket can be put in the dryer, use the tumble dry or air-only setting for best results. 

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