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Best Eyeshadow Palettes


Eye makeup can be a fun form of self-expression. Depending on your mood you can create a dramatic look or go for something more neutral. The only limit to your creations is your imagination. To do all the fun artistic stuff with eye makeup, you need the right tools. That includes having just the right eyeshadow palettes so you can let inspiration take hold.

We like that this makeup palette features universally flattering shades perfect for all skin tones. Each color in this palette is true, richly pigmented and offers extreme blendability.

We like that this dual pack of makeup palettes features deep hues perfect for nighttime looks and softer hues more suitable for natural daytime makeup looks.

This makeup palette offers 25 shades packed with a wide array of neutral hues and a few vivid jewel tones. Waterproof and sweatproof, when paired with the right primer, these shades will last. Featuring lighter and darker hues, this palette is perfect for creating the ultimate smoky eye.

You’ll love that this makeup palette features warm neutrals that can work for day and nighttime looks. With 16 rich, creamy, blendable shades, there’s no limit to what looks you can create.

This makeup palette is a smart investment for beginner makeup fans and experienced pros alike. It’s a simple eight-pan palette with matte and shimmer shades great for refreshing your looks or creating luminous, natural looks on the go.

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