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Best Electric Blanket


When the weather turns chilly, there’s nothing like bundling under a warm blanket and binging your favorite shows. But if a standard blanket isn’t enough to keep you warm, consider upgrading to an electric blanket. While previous versions used to be frustrating to use, heavy and, in some cases, a bit dangerous, their modern iterations are vastly improved. Check out these lightweight but incredibly comfy electric blankets.  

With an astounding 10 heat settings and a 10-hour safety shut-off feature, this electric blanket heats up quickly and is available in a large 84-by-90-inch dimension, which easily accommodates two snugglers.

You’ll like that this electric blanket is a throw size that measures 50 by 60 inches. Choose from four colors, including one classic print. And we like that this has an auto shut-off after four hours and supports three heat settings. 

Along with a four-hour automatic shut-off feature, you’ll like that this electric blanket has five heat settings and comes with an 8.5-foot power cord. Easily switch between the sherpa and microplush sides.

Best of all, we like that this electric blanket comes with a built-in foot pocket. This is especially important as keeping your feet warm or cool is the key to aiding in regulating your body temperature. 

This electric blanket features a shorter auto shut-off feature that triggers after three hours of sustained use. With this pick, you’ll get five heat settings and a blanket that gets toasty warm within 20 minutes of turning it on. 

Electric Blanket FAQs

1. Is it OK to sleep with an electric blanket on?

Electric blankets aren’t intended to be used for extended periods. This is why you’ll find that most electric blankets have an automatic shut-off feature. In most cases, this setting is triggered after the blanket has been on for anywhere from three to as much as 10 hours. While electric blankets are great for temporary warmth, they’re not ideal for overnight purposes. 

2. Are electric blankets safe?

Older electric blankets had a reputation for posing a fire hazard as they could easily overheat and start a fire. Modern blankets — when used properly — are designed with safety measures such as reinforced power cords and automatic shut-off functions. For most people, electric blankets don’t pose a serious risk if used properly. 

Electric Blanket Buying Guide

Electric blankets have been around for decades, but thankfully the technology that powers them has gotten significantly better in recent years. With multiple heat settings, automatic shut-off options and a wide array of colors, patterns and sizes, electric blankets have never been more useful than they are today. 

When shopping for an electric blanket, consider your primary goal — specifically, where you plan to use the blanket. The most common option is the electric throw blanket, a 50-by-60-inch blanket that’s intended to be used for temporary needs, such as while lounging on a couch or in a chair. 

These are smaller and intended for one person to use. But you can also find larger blankets that will work with a queen- or king-sized bed and can accommodate two or more people. In some cases, those blankets will come with multiple controls, which means that there are temperature zones. Each person can adjust the settings to their preferences without disturbing the other user. 

Remember that in most cases, electric blankets aren’t intended to be used overnight. This is why most electric blankets have automatic shut-off features that are triggered after a specific period has passed. Always follow safety recommendations as outlined by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. 

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