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Best Dry Erase Wall Calendar

selective focus of wall calendar showing dates at living room

Calendars are essential for planning everything in our daily lives and are a must-have for home and work. However, conventional paper calendars may not work for everyone. Get the most out of planning with a reusable monthly dry erase wall calendar.

Each week starts on Sunday and every box on the grid includes a space to add the date. Plus, there’s an extra section at the bottom of the grid for additional notes.

The spacious calendar grid includes eight rows of boxes and is waterproof, stain- and tear-resistant. Easily mount this calendar using the included two bags of easy-to-grasp thumbtacks and eight double-sided tape strips.

This gridded calendar has six rows and extra writing space in the lower right corner. It also includes two holes along the top for hanging on non-magnetic surfaces.

This calendar is ideal for those who require year-long planning at a glance. It conveniently displays notable U.S. holidays in unobtrusive font.