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Best Door Light Projector

Concept of modern car detailing and light technology. Close up of rearview mirror on expensive car with projector lens

Want to add a unique flair to your vehicle? Why not use a doorstep light that brightly projects logos as the door opens. They are fun, usually easy to install and are an excellent way to make your vehicle stand out. Consider some of the options below to help you decide.

Select your preferred photo, logo, or text, and you will get a ready-to-install projector.

Install each light in only five minutes without drilling or wire cutting. Each projector displays a sharp, bright blue Toyota logo with red, bold text underneath surrounded by a white circle. The lights use five-watt bulbs which have a lifespan of up to 80,000 hours.

A small HD resin lens lights up the floor with a bright white Mercedes-Benz logo and text. The LED chip uses 12 volts and produces a high-quality light output with a very low wattage consumption. Install each light in five minutes.

The universally fitting projectors are waterproof Each operates with three batteries held within its 2.5-by-2.6-inch case. Both lights use LED bulbs that automatically shut off when the sensors touch the magnetic strips provided.