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Best Display Boards


Display boards are useful tools that can simplify presentations without the need for projectors or screens. You can easily wow your audience with a stunning presentation using a high-quality display board. Whether for school projects, personal use or reports at work, these boards make any exhibit more engaging while providing extra space and low clutter.

The smooth surface has no distracting corrugation lines or creases and allows for writing and drawing easily. You don’t have to worry about your pictures falling off since it is sticker and tape friendly. Its durable construction makes it ideal for taking anywhere you need to display your work.

When opened, this display board measures 14” H x 22” W, and when folded, it measures in at 14” H x 11” W. The compact main panel measures 14” H x 11.2” while both side panels each have 14” H x 5.4” of space. Create a professional presentation with confidence in its high-quality double-ply construction, which is free of any unsightly lines or creases.

Unfolded, this display board is 36” H x 24” L x 0.11” W. You can quickly create an organized layout with measured spacing by using the faintly visible corrugated lines. We like that the matte surface makes it effortless to use tape, stickers or paint to mark or glue anything onto its surface firmly and without any bleeding. When no longer needed, simply place it in your recycling bin.