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Best Cutting Mat 18×24


If you’re into home crafting, chances are you have a table or counter riddled with cuts and scratches. Cutting mats can help remedy this problem and allow you to undertake any crafting hobbies or creative pursuits you desire. Whether your cutting tools are knives, rotary cutters or scissors, there is a cutting mat out there for you. Check out our best options right here.

This mat is self-healing with unmatched durability and allows you to make precision cuts without damaging your work surface. It’s available in different sizes and is great for cutting full-width fabric.

With its five-layered, durable design, this mat protects your work surfaces from damage and your blades from becoming dull. It includes legible metric, inch and angled trimming guides for reliable accuracy.

The mat’s soft surface protects your blades, includes a hard center to prevent cut-throughs and is compatible with rotary cutters and straight blades. It has three different angles and is easy to read.

The mat effectively reseals surface cuts to provide you with a continuous smooth surface. Its strong, dependable build protects any surface from the sharpest cuts and scratches and is curl- and warp-resistant.

This self-healing cutting mat can withstand the sharpest X-ACTO knife blade to protect your work surface from cuts and scratches. Its unmatched smoothness makes it a reliable choice for crafters, artists and designers.

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