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Best Crazy Socks for Boys


Socks may be a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Crazy socks with funky patterns can let your child’s personality shine through. Especially if your child wears a uniform to school, wearing fun socks can be the one fun part of their outfit that they get to control. Whether you need to replace socks or are just looking for a cute gag gift, these socks should be at the top of your list.  

These boys’ socks are made to be durable. Made with a cotton-polyester-spandex blend, you can be confident that they’ll be comfortable for wear and survive laundry day.

These socks are made from a cotton-nylon-spandex blend and are designed to be machine washed. Built to last, these socks won’t slip down or slouch with wear.

This three-pack of socks is woven with a polyester-spandex blend and has a signature crew length style. These socks are also machine washable but it should be noted that they need to be washed in cold water. These socks work great as a gift for anyone or any event.

You’ll like that these socks are machine washable and designed to fit shoe sizes three to nine. Each 12 pack of socks features a different variety of colorful and geometric patterns.

These socks are designed with 80% cotton and are crew length. They are machine washable and the three percent spandex blend helps to maintain their shape over time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crazy Socks for Boys

1. Is it better to wear cotton or polyester socks?

The two most common materials found in socks are cotton and polyester. They have different benefits and drawbacks. Which is better is going to depend on your preferences as well as if you have specific foot concerns that might draw you more towards one material over the other. If you routinely have issues with keeping your feet warm, cotton retains heat well. Polyester tends to be more durable, though it’s more breathable, and offers great moisture-wicking properties.

2. What kinds of socks are most comfortable?

In general, wool, and specifically Merino wool, is considered the most comfortable option. This is due to its naturally thicker fiber and breathability. Wool in general can hold up to a third of its weight in moisture before feeling any wetness. However, Merino wool socks aren’t that common for children. So for kids, cotton or polyester blends are best. Socks that have some type of stretch usually Spandex or nylon also generally fit snugly on the foot.

3. Are polyester socks good for kids?

Polyester is a great option in general, even for adults. As compared to other materials, it’s very easy to care for, maintains its shape, and tends to hold up well in the wash. Polyester material socks are blends, usually containing anywhere from three to five percent spandex or nylon. This ensures that your sock will maintain its shape and that it won’t slouch or slip under your child’s heel. Sometimes polyester socks also offer moisture-wicking properties. This is ideal if you know your child tends to have sweaty feet.

4. What are cotton socks good for?

It’s going to depend on if your child has sweaty feet or feet that are prone to odor. Cotton is a natural fiber, which makes it a nice option if you’re concerned about skin sensitivities. Other natural fibers like wool, cotton tend to retain heat and are not great at absorbing moisture Most socks are not made from 100% cotton but rather a cotton blend including polyester and a stretchy material like spandex. The polyester helps to improve breathability while the spandex (or nylon) ensures that the sock maintains its shape even with repeated wear.

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