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Best Countertop Organizer


Whether you’re looking at a mess in your kitchen, bathroom or office breakroom, clutter is counterproductive. Get rid of that mess by investing in countertop organizers. They’re a great way to keep every item where it belongs, making it easier to find what you need. Here’s a list of our favorite countertop organizers.  

This countertop organizer features four hooks on the side to hold cups or cooking utensils. 

This organizer features a low-profile design and is available in a black or white finish that will match any style. Choose from three sizes to best maximize your kitchen space.  

This countertop organizer offers plenty of clearance on the lower shelf for taller items. It’s built with durable wrought iron and a freestanding design so that it won’t tip over.  

This organizer wrangles the clutter on your bathroom vanity, making it easier to get ready in the morning. It features five compartments, including a larger space in the back.  

This clear countertop organizer is the right, roomy solution for any beauty lover that’s obsessed with the popular acrylic tray style. 

Countertop Organizers FAQs

1. How should I organize my kitchen countertops?

Think about the items you use most and organize them in a way that makes them accessible and convenient to your work style when you’re in the kitchen. For example, if you have a coffee maker but you rarely drink coffee, it might make the most sense to place the coffee maker in a section of countertop that doesn’t obstruct the main flow. Food prep areas should similarly be prioritized near your stovetop or cooking area. Cleaning accessories should be near the sink instead of an opposite countertop.  

2. How do I free up counter space?

A good organizer can allow you to stack items without looking cluttered or impeding functionality. Similarly, consider investing in cabinet organizers that also allow you to maximize space. In a perfect world, we’d all go home to kitchens that were large enough with plenty of counter space and cabinetry to keep every gadget or pan properly organized. In reality, this is often not the case. And this is why countertop organizers are so popular. They can help to wrangle what would otherwise be an unwieldy mess.  

Countertop Organizer Buying Guide

Whether you have a small kitchen or bathroom, or you’re a kitchen gadget fan, it’s easy to find your space overwhelmed with clutter. Thankfully, countertop organizers can help to control the mess and make your living space more functional. 

First, consider what type of organizational solution you want to use. Countertop organizers can range from simple trays to multi-tiered solutions. Along with creating easy access, a good multi-tiered organizer can allow you to maximize space and create a functional design that pairs key items with their counterpart accessories. 

For example, if you frequently use an air fryer to prepare most meals, keep items like kitchen tongs and silicone oven mitts in an organizer near the appliance to create a more natural workflow. 

Of course, you can’t ignore design. Countertop organizers can come in a variety of styles to suit multiple design aesthetics. You can choose from simple, utilitarian designs or go with one that matches your home decor. Also, you can opt for countertop organizers that can work in cabinetry. This can help to expand storage space while also creating better organization. 

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