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Best Cordless Drills With 2 Batteries And Chargers

Two cordless drills with drill bits working also as screw guns.

If you plan on tackling personal home tasks or professional work, a cordless drill can make the difference between an easy workday and a hard one. With new improvements in technology and upgraded lithium-ion batteries, they provide the power and capabilities needed to get any job done. We’ve compiled a list of our best-rated cordless drills with compact, lightweight designs.

This drill is lightweight with a soft grip for prolonged use. It has two-speed settings and allows for single-hand drill bit changes. It includes two rechargeable batteries and a one-hour fast charger.

This Bosch power drill is great for a wide range of materials, from wood to metals. It has a short head for tight spaces and gives visibility in low light. It has a slim, soft-grip handle and a fuel gauge.

Additional accessories include a belt clip, an extension rod, 32 driver bits, two rechargeable batteries, a fast charger, a contractor bag and a detailed user manual.

Trigger-activated LED light keeps your work area illuminated in low light for precision work every time. It features all-metal gears for maximum durability and performance, a rubber over-mold design and excellent speed.

This drill can easily access hard-to-reach areas with trouble-free control and tackle almost any task.