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Best Comfy Lounge Shorts


Regardless of your style, a pair of lounge shorts is a great addition to your wardrobe. They’re a must-have for lazy days at home or being comfortable when you’re on the go. Lounge shorts come in a variety of styles that suit exercise, hanging out or running errands. Consider the material when shopping so you have the right shorts for your needs. These selections have elastic waistbands and drawstrings to give you the proper fit. Take a look at our top picks to see where comfort meets style. 

These lounge shorts have a relaxed fit, making them the perfect casual shorts for warm weather. The waistband has elegant ruched details and keeps skin irritation-free. From flip flops to high heels, these shorts offer limitless styling options.

These shorts are perfect for light exercise or intense workouts, which means they are suitable for yoga, running, cycling or hiking. They feature flatlock stitching which offers a flexible fit and prevents unwanted chafing. These shorts help evaporate sweat quickly, keeping you cool and comfortable for all-day wear.

These shorts are made of a soft, breathable cotton, making them comfortable for long periods of wear. The cuffs are gentle on the skin and stay put while walking or running. These shorts are great for both lounging and exercising.

These pants are ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep on warm nights, and they feel soft on the skin. They are great for slumber parties when paired with your favorite camisole or t-shirt, and the color will not fade or run when washed.

These shorts have a flattering design and cut that will flatter all body types. The vertical seams slim the waist and give your legs a taller, leaner look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material should my lounge shorts be made out of?

Anything breathable would be a good fit. That being said, there are a wide variety of uses for lounge shorts. Nylon is best if you’re planning on using them for running or working out, while other materials, such as cotton and polyester, are best if you’re planning to use them for just a lazy day or simply casual wear.

Should lounge shorts be tight or loose?

The ideal fit depends on the situation and the activities you plan to do while wearing them. For working out or running, a somewhat tight fit may be ideal. For sleeping and lounging, a looser pair may be more comfortable. 

Can I sleep in my lounge shorts?

Yes! Particularly if they’re a larger, looser size, lounge shorts are great for sleepwear. Tighter shorts may not be the best bet for sleeping in, as they usually aren’t as comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but each person’s preferences are different.

What makes lounge shorts different from other types of shorts?

The overall versatility of lounge shorts makes them a good bet for everyday life. Whether you’re working out, sleeping or having a casual day, lounge shorts can work for an array of situations. Other types of shorts, including denim shorts, cargo shorts or board shorts, tend to be less comfortable, but may be better suited for other purposes.

What are the best features that I should consider when buying lounge shorts?

First and foremost, consider what you want to use them for. Do you want them for running, for hiking or for working out? Or do you want them for lazing around? Pockets and drawstrings are always a separator when it comes to shorts; look for pockets, especially if you plan to wear your shorts on the go, and drawstrings if it’s important to you that the shorts fit snugly around your waist. 

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