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Best Citronella Candles For Outdoor Mosquito Fighting

Citronella candles can help you enjoy a relaxing day outdoors without bugs in your personal space. They are strongly-scented and consist of natural, plant-based ingredients that repel mosquitoes. Check out our list of the best choices for outdoor fun and comfort.

Best Design

The subtle glow provides a cozy atmosphere for small get-togethers, dinners and outdoor relaxing.

The rich, scented aromas are ideal for both outdoors and indoors gatherings

This DEET-free mosquito guard emits a fresh gentle aroma. It’s great for the outdoors with a protective tin cover for convenient storage.

This candle creates an impenetrable barrier against mosquitoes and other flying insects, burns evenly and produces a pleasant scent. It’s well-suited for backyards, decks and patios.

Great for creating a glow outdoors, this candle provides a protective barrier against flying insects.