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Best Child-Proof Cabinet Locks

Bedside table wooden with baby proofing cabinet lock at home

Baby-proofed spaces are a must, so it’s essential to have a convenient and easy way to lock cabinets or drawers. There are many mechanisms to pick from to give you the peace-of-mind you need for your baby or even your pets! Check out these five highly recommended child-proof cabinet locks below.

This set installs in four easy steps and does not require tools. It comes with optional stainless steel screws to enhance the security of the mechanism if so desired. Conveniently store the extra-strong magnetic keys directly on your refrigerator or any nearby magnetic surface.

Install effortlessly using the installation template and helper in four easy steps. These locks are placed inside furniture so that no unsightly devices are poking out. To unlock, simply position the magnetic key near the outer surface.

The strong 3M adhesive bonds securely onto all types of cabinet and drawer surfaces. This set also includes 48 screws if a stronger hold is required. Its compact size takes up little space and hides neatly once installed. Use the included installation template to align it correctly on the very first try.

The extra-long latch makes it easy to access the point to press for opening. It holds up against at least 20 pounds of pull tension. Each installs using a 3M adhesive, which is easy to remove without peeling away paint or leaving behind any residue.

Protect your nosy kids and pets from accessing dangerous areas using these sturdy latching locks. The large, flat, circular spot on the latch is for pressing to unhinge and release the hold for opening. Use the included screws in the precut holes for more reliable support.